Insert Cleaning

Vortex® and Porcerax II® Insert Cleaning

There are two times cleaning must to be performed to Vortex® and Porcerax II®:

The first time is when the tool shop has prepared the insert or cavity. The material is 25% air by volume and the cutting fluids will displace the air, thus filling and clogging the pores. After the permeability has been restored by EDM machining the venting surface, the steel should be sent to Molder’s World, Inc for professional cleaning.

The second time cleaning is needed is after the insert or cavity has been in operation and film, a thin layer of mold release agent, resin residue, shop oil or any other contaminate has partially or totally blocked the air flow.

Insert Help and Review

Insert Design Help & Review

We offer complimentary Design services at Molder’s World.
We know this stuff better then anyone. That is why we offer complimentary design services to help your job go as smooth as possible. It can be very costly to have flaws in your design. Our design team wrote the book on guidelines and best practices so you can be assured that we will get you the most efficient product possible.

Micro Polishing

Molder’s World Inc. now offers micro polishing to remove EDM scale thus improving part release without the typical problems of closing the pores or rounding the tops of the pins.


Electric Discharge Machining is the best way to re-establish permeability.
This method will burn away the metal fragments that are crushed over the pores by milling and/or grinding. Because of its powdered metal origin, when using a wire EDM machine, it is important to increase the wire speed about 10 % to prevent arcing from the particles produced. Because a wire EDM machine uses water, the insert must be dried in an oven not to exceed 350°F until dry after EDM, or rust and pore closer will ensue. Insert should then be sent to Molder’s World Inc. to be professionally cleaned.

Vortex® and Porcerax II® Insert Repair & Inspection

We are the experienced Vortex® and Porcerax II® mold insert Manufacturer!
We machine & clean Vortex® and Porcerax II® inserts for molders & mold builders every day! Proper use and maintenance as well as following proper guidelines is for design and venting is critical when working with Vortex® and Porcerax II® mold steels. When inserts are sent in to be cleaned, Molder’s World Inc. gives each insert a thorough inspection for proper venting and pressure testing.