Our Services

Molder’s World, Inc. is a full service company. We not only offer our Vortex® and Porcerax II® self-venting mold steels, we can take you from design all the way through to final product. We also have full maintenance and cleaning capabilities for maximum performance from your molds.

Our Products

We develop some of the industries leading technologies from our advanced Vortex® self-venting steel to our Vortex® Core Pins and Venting Pins. We have also developed the leading Porcerax II® technologies and provide the latest in bio-friendly mold savers and corrosion preventative sprays.

Knowledge Base

We are the developers of Vortex®, the leaders in Porcerax II®, and have developed all the best practices to ensure the best results. As a full service shop we have developed the industry standards in Vortex® and Porcerax II® insert design, care and maintenance.

Vortex® is now available!

Air passing through Vortex® causes lubricant to bubble, simulating gas escaping from a mold

  • Improved finish!

  • Improved venting!

  • Better corrosion resistance!

  • Better bending strength!

  • Better hardness for durability!

  • Available in round stock!

Why Choose Molder’s World Inc.

Centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Molder’s World, Inc. is a full service insert and component manufacturer that specializes in build & maintenance and design assistance of Vortex® and Porcerax II®, porous mold inserts. Molder’s World has developed Vortex® and also sells Porcerax II® mold steel, & mold components.  Vortex has many venting advantages in plastic injection molding, wax molding (investment casting) and die cast tools.  Incorporated in 2001, Molder’s World excels at delivering affordable quality with short lead times. In fact most of our inserts/component customers are other tool shops. Russ Bowen, the President, has been involved with specialty mold steel and the molding industry since 1987. Give us a call and let us show you how our experience and quality products can save you time and money.

Full Service in house design capabilities

Full Service in house machining capabilities

Leading experts on Vortex® and Porcerax II® technologies

Developers of our Vortex® core pins and venting pins

Leaders in maintenance and prevention techniques

We are the leaders in Vortex® and Porcerax II® mold steel

Molder’s World Inc. is a full service shop that not only supplies the steel but can help with design, machining, polishing, cleaning and repair.

* Vortex® and Porcerax II® are Registered Trademarks of Molder’s World, Inc.