Venting Tip #1: ‘One Piece Flow’

“With deep ribs, or small details, it is imperative that the gases produced during processing have somewhere to go, in order to allow the molten plastic to completely fill out the cavity. If there is not a parting line or ejector pin at a location that requires venting, sometimes it is necessary to use porous vent stock in the mold. Proper venting is the only way to assure that good parts can be produced, and processing can be optimized. For venting, we only use Vortex.”
Valent Meluch
Colonial Patterns Inc.

It’s more than just a key Lean manufacturing concept.
Molds that are designed to fill completely make the highest quality parts. Identifying ‘difficult to fill’ areas during the design is critical as molds that don’t completely fill, make defective parts and have to be sent back for more machining—creating waste. Think ‘One Piece Flow’—and you will have designed a mold from the beginning, that will reduce scrap and downtime while increasing production time.

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Vortex® self-venting steel eliminates gas in your mold—resulting in higher quality
plastic parts—at less cost

Vortex® is a sintered, porous metal that is heat treated to 43 HRc with
porosity of 25% air by volume. It is typical of 400 series stainless steel in its
machinability and thermal connectivity. See how Vortex eliminates gas in
this VIDEO.


  • Eliminates gas buildup, short shots,
    and flashing
  • Reduces injection pressure
  • Lowers cycle times and gloss levels
  • Substantially reduces scrap and
    reject rates
  • Saves molders time and money

Vortex Steel Demo Video (11 sec.)