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Vortex® is a sintered, porous metal that is heat treated to 43 HRc with porosity of 25% by volume. A system of interconnected pores with an average diameter of 7 (.0003″) microns is dispersed throughout the Vortex® material. Using Vortex® in appropriate areas, eliminates gas buildup, reduces injection pressure, lowers cycle times, gloss levels and substantially reduces scrap and reject rates.

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BioCorr® Rust Preventative

BioCorr® Rust preventative is a water-based, biobased, and biodegradable rust preventative that is intended for preservation of metals in storage and during transportation. BioCorr® Rust Preventative provides multi-metal protection and is an excellent enviornmentally sound alternative to petroleum derived products.

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Custom made Porcerax II® inserts and Vortex® core and press in pins

Molder’s World Inc. is the industry leader in Porcerax II® inserts and Vortex® core and press in pins. We can machine Porcerax II® inserts and Vortex® core and press in pins to your exact specifications.

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Custom made Vortex® ejector

Custom made Vortex® ejector pins can be a huge time saver. These pins can save you the time of taking apart the mold which adds up to a huge time saving. Molder’s World Inc. can custom make these to your specifications.

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Venting Vortex® Pins and Core Pins

Vortex® venting core pins and press in pins are made to industry standard tolerances. These pins allow the molder to use a core pin that has a venting surface that is 25% micro-porous for maximum venting where you need it. These are made with Porcerax II®, in both 7 and 20 micron pores.